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Get a Life, Not a Job.

Working a JOB for someone else will earn you a living but not give you a life!

Take control! The BEST way to build a life is to earn an income with a business.

But MOST businesses are expensive to setup and run, take ages to get up to speed and consume tons of your time. They often require you to hire useless staff and teach them complicated processes.

And many businesses don't even make much money. They become a stressful burden that ends up controlling you.

Well, SupaClix has broken the mold and created the SIMPLEST business by far. An ONLINE DIGITAL BUSINESS that can earn you a PASSIVE INCOME without all the hassles of a regular business.

You can start today and be earning within days or weeks (not months or years).

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A Business in a (Virtual) Box

Whether you are a newbie to online business or an experienced marketer, SupaClix provides you with everything you need to rapidly get up to speed and take control of your life.

Products, Systems and Support to Setup, Launch, Run & Scale a Global Online Business.

Whatever your level of experience, we've got you covered!

SupaClix has taken the best aspects of Franchising, Direct Sales, Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing, High-Ticket and Social Media and created a SIMPLE BUSINESS SYSTEM you can work from home in your pyjamas, from your favaourite beach, or while travelling the world.

With SupaClix, you can work as hard or as fast as you want. We cannot give you ANY guarantees, however there is no limit to what you can achieve. Set your goals and we'll help you get there.

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Building People... Not Just Business

We incubate people and help them get up and running. This gives you a lot of commercial latitude to find the absolute best fit for you and your customers. Our team is made up of online business owners and marketers (working in the trenches, not theorists).

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Multiple Streams of Income

You cannot have all your eggs in the one basket. We monetise the systems, monetise the coaching, monetise everything, and teach other people to do the same. So in tumultuous times (like now) you will be able to weather the storms of change.

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Security, Freedom & Lifestyle

  • Create freedom to do what you want… when you want… where you want… and with who you want.
  • Build security for you, your business and your family.
  • Design your ideal lifestyle with a simple, duplicatable business system.
  • Generate a significant passive income (money that comes whether you work or not) by sharing this program with others.

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Achieve Your Financial Dreams

  • Global financial opportunity
  • Simple, Leveraged Affiliate Program
  • Unlimited income potential
  • World-class products & services
  • Experienced international company
  • World’s best training & support
  • Dedicated success oriented team


Earn from Personal & Team Sales

  • There is nothing to stock or purchase to resell
  • Your Sales Funnels and Marketplace do all the presenting and selling for you
  • Earn passive income from sales generated by you and your affiliate team
  • Earn additional income from Affiliate Partner Program sales
  • There is no restriction as to how many sales you can make
  • There is no restriction as to how many Affiliates you can register
  • There is no restriction as to how much commission you can earn


Yes, It Really IS This SIMPLE!

  • Join for FREE and start earning commissions on personal and team sales
  • Instantly qualify as a SILVER, GOLD or PLATINUM Affiliate by selling (or purchasing) a qualifying amount of products
  • Earn 10% commission on up to 6 levels of Customer Purchases and Affiliate Sales
  • Your Affilate team is coached for you by professional business coaches
  • Earn Global Passive Income from home, the beach or while travelling or sleeping

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6 Degrees of Separation

Ever heard that you can get connected to anyone in the world with only 6 hops? It’s called the “Six Degrees of Separation

It was made famous in a 2008 documentary called "How Kevin Bacon Cured Cancer" (that's Kevin Bacon, the Hollywood actor).

The“Six Degrees” is now a mathematical theory used by computer network engineers and now social networkers.

That’s why we believe the Six Degrees is the simplest way to compensate you. Pay you for 6 (six) levels of customers.

Dollar Key

Ranks & Sales Commission

Minimum Sales 1 1 1 1
Qualification (QV) AUD $0 AUD $300 AUD $600 AUD $900
Level 1 Comm (BV) 10% 10% 10% 10%
Level 2 Comm (BV)   10% 10% 10%
Level 3 Comm (BV)     10% 10%
Level 4 Comm (BV)     10% 10%
Level 5 Comm (BV)       10%
Level 6 Comm (BV)       10%
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Affiliate Qualification

  • Your Combined Annual Sales (to others) and Purchases (for yourself) will qualify you for each Affiliate Rank.
  • There is NO requirement to purchase or sell anything, however you cannot earn any commission if nothing gets sold.
  • YOU MUST make at least ONE sale to start earning ANY commission (can be a personal purchase)
  • You do not earn commissions on your own purchases. 

Building a SupaClix business is NOT about you making all the sales. It is a BALANCE between everyone doing a little each and then REPLICATING the formula many times over. We set the affiliate sales threshholds to very low numbers so more people can earn higher incomes earlier. 

  • Example: Sell (or purchase) a $30/mth service (eg, Instant Funnel PRO)This will take you 10 months to qualify as SILVER. 
  • Or: Sell (or purchase) a $300/yr service (eg, Website PRO Annual)You will instantly qualify as SILVER.
  • Better: Sell a $300/yr service every month (eg, Instant Funnel PRO)You will qualify as SILVER in your first month, GOLD in your second month, and a fully qualified PLATINUM Affiliate in 3 months!
  • Best: Sell (or purchase) a Supa Bundle PREMIUM Annual ($900/yr) you will immediately qualify as a PLATINUM Affiliate, earning you up instantly to 6 levels of Affiliate Commissions!

Ranks & Sales Commission

QUALIFICATION Sales Value (SV) SELL (or Purchase) Examples
SILVER AUD $300 1 x Supa Bundle PRO Annual
or 10 x Website PRO Monthly
GOLD AUD $600 1 x Supa Bundle PLUS Annual
or 10 x Website PLUS Monthly
PLATINUM AUD $900 1 x Supa Bundle PREMIUM Annual
or 10 x Website PREMIUM Monthly
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Sales Value (SV)

  • Sales Value (SV) is the price the ultimate customer (you or someone else) pays for a product or service.
  • All currency shown is in AUD (Australian Dollars)
  • Whether you are a Customer, Member or Affiliate, the purchase of any product or service by you (now or in the future) is considered to be a sale by the Affiliate who acquired the sale for SupaClix (directly or indirectly).
  • We do not offer wholesale or reseller prices.

Qualifying Value (QV)

  • The value of your minimum combined Annual Sales or Purchases (SV) required to qualify you for a particular rank
  • You may qualify with personal sales/purchases (or just one sale/purchase if it is of high enough value).
  • A SupaClix PREMIUM Annual Subscription sale/purchase will qualify you as a PLATINUM Affiliate

Business Value (BV)

  • Business Value (BV) is a percentage of the Sale Value (SV) that is used to compute Affiliate Commissions.
  • BV are mostly 100% of the SV, meaning we pay up to 60% of the SV in commission.
  • Some products may have a lower BV (maybe 50%) due to low margin or high overhead.

Team Rewards (TR)

  • Affiliates can earn a Team Reward (TR) on sales generated by up to 6 levels of Qualified Affiliates.
  • Level 1 sales are those made by YOU to your Personal Customers, Members and Affiliates (Personal Sales).
  • Level 2 sales are those made by your Level 1 Affiliates (Affiliates you have personally registered).
  • Level 3 sales are those made by your Level 2 Affiliates (Affiliates registered by your Level 1 Affiliates)
  • etc
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How Do I Become an Affiliate?

Complete the form at your sponsor’s join page so they are compensated for your purchase. Affiliates can get started at NO COST and make sales to qualify for higher commission level OR purchase a qualifying product bundle and be instantly qualified at a higher level.

Can I Get Instant Affiliate Qualification?

YES! Your combined Annual Sales (to others) and Purchases (for yourself) will qualify you for each Affiliate Rank. That means if you sell (or purchase) a SupaClix PREMIUM Bundle (Annual) Subscription you will IMMEDIATELY qualify you as a PLATINUM Affiliate.

Can I Upgrade, Downgrade, Suspend or Cancel?

Affiliates and subscribers may upgrade, downgrade, suspend or cancel at any time by selecting the appropriate link in their secure member dashboard. Please be aware that your affiliate commission is dependent upon your qualification rank. If your sales volume drops below the published trigger level(s) you may earn less commission.

How Much Money Can I Make as an Affiliate?

(Read our Earnings & Income Disclaimer) WE DO NOT GIVE ANY INCOME GUARANTEES but there are NO LIMITS as to how much you can earn. Do some simple maths, and you will see that the potential income per month could be astronomical. The more you promote and help others, the greater your chance of creating a highly rewarding income. Essentially you can earn 10% of the sale volume from up to 6 levels of affiliate sales.

Example (NO GUARANTEES): Each affiliate sells $300 worth of product, and registers 4 other affiliates who each do the same, then multiply that through 6 levels ($300 x 10% x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4) That amounts to $1.5m in sales and you would earn 10 of that. Yes... that's $150,000. Would that make a difference to your life? (This example is shown in detail in the Affiliate Overview video)

Do You Sell or Rent My Personal Information?

Your Privacy is Assured. SupaClix does NOT use your details or those of your team, leads, prospects or contacts, collected and stored in the system in any way, other than to provide an appropriate level of service and to bill you for any services rendered.

Financial Freedom


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