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Supa Business Bundles!


Bundle and Save

No matter which way you look at it, bundling provides you with better value. And with the products you need, your business will run more efficiently.

Choose the combination of SupaClix Instant Funnels, Managed WordPress Websites, Zoho Business Software, SupaClix Support that suits you and your business. 

And if you commit to an Annual subscription then you also get Instant Affiliate Qualification and some sweet bonuses.


Instant Affiliate Qualification!

Your Combined Annual Sales (to others) and Purchases (for yourself) will qualify you for each Affiliate Rank.

Purchase a Supa Bundle PREMIUM Monthly and get a bonus. You would be SILVER in 4 months,  GOLD after 7 months and in 10 months you would be a fully qualified PLATINUM Affiliate!

That means if you sell (or purchase) a Supa Bundle PREMIUM Annual  (saving even more) you will immediately qualify as a PLATINUM Affiliate, instantly earning you up to 6 levels of Affiliate Commissions!

Supa Bundle PRO

WordPress Website

AUD $300/yr

  • PRO Instant Funnels ($300/yr value)
  • PRO SupaClix Support ($300 value)
  • FREE Zoho CRM Setup ($100 value)
  • 2 months FREE
  • Instant SILVER Affiliate
  • $400 Bonus

Buy PRO Now

Supa Bundle PLUS

WordPress Website

AUD $600/yr

  • PLUS Instant Funnels ($600/yr value)
  • PRO WordPress Website ($300/yr value)
  • PRO SupaClix Support ($300 value)
  • FREE Zoho CRM Setup ($200 value)
  • Instant GOLD Affiliate
  • $900/yr value + $400 Bonus

Get PLUS Now

Supa Bundle PREMIUM

WordPress Website

AUD $900/yr

  • PREMIUM Instant Funnels ($900/yr value)
  • PLUS WordPress Website ($600/yr value)
  • PRO Zoho Business Pack ($300/yr value)
  • PRO SupaClix Support ($300 value)
  • PRO Coaching Program ($600)
  • PRO Leads Program (Priceless)
  • Instant PLATINUM Affiliate Qualification
  • $2700+ Total Startup Value (Save $1800)


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