Done-For-You Instant Capture Pages

A Capture Page is typically the first point of contact for your lead. This is often also referred to as a Landing Page (where they land on your website) or Squeeze Page (squeeze them into a desired path)

A website 'Capture Page' is essentially an internet 'billbaord'. It is not supposed to tell you everything. Just get your attention and motivate you to take the next step.

A typical capture page has a short video or brief information (like a billboard) to get your prospect’s attention (attract).

If they show interest they then provide their name and contact details in a simple form. Upon submission of the form they are directed to further information. 

As the owner of the capture page, YOU immediately get their contact details sent to you by email so you can call, txt, msg or email them as you wish.

After the form submission the prospect also gets a welcome email with information about what they subscribed to. They are also added to an automated sequence of emails, called an Autoresponder.

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