SupaClix Instant Funnels

Done-For-You Instant Funnel Marketing System.

They work using the AIDA principle. Attention - Interest - Desire - Action

Simply sign up, and choose from a large selection of responsive (mobile/tablet friendly) capture pages to suit your target market.

Send your prospects to the personally coded capture page which has a message to grab their Attention and build Interest.

When they fill in an online form (to get more info, learn more or download a report), they are passed to the sales page (or another site)

They are also added to an Email Autoresponder, which routinely sends follows up emails to create or build thier Desire and as thenm to take Action.

You, as the owner of the funnel, get their contact details (from the form) emailed to you so you can add them to your own business followup process.

And, don't forget, we can automate and manage a lot of these business processes for you with other SupaClix products and services.


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